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All Govt Approvals


All Govt Approvals

Establishing and growing a business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) requires navigating a multitude of government approvals and permits. At Future Dream, we specialize in providing comprehensive government approvals services, helping you streamline the process and ensure compliance with local regulations. Our team at Future Dream comprehends the intricate web of government approvals and permits required for various business activities. We offer expert consultation tailored to your specific industry and business needs, guiding you through the necessary approvals and permits, and providing insights into the regulatory requirements.

Starting a business in the UAE necessitates obtaining the appropriate licenses and registrations. Future Dream assists you in understanding the licensing and registration requirements specific to your business activity and facilitates the entire process. We assist you in understanding the specific municipality conditions and guide you through the application procedure. 


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The DED plays a crucial role in regulating business activities in the UAE. Future Dream helps you navigate the DED approvals process, including company registration, trade name approvals, and trade license issuance. Our expertise in dealing with the DED enables us to expedite the process and ensure compliance with the relevant regulations. 

If your business involves import/export activities, navigating the customs clearance process and obtaining port authority approvals is crucial. Future Dream simplifies the customs clearance process, assists in obtaining necessary port authority permits, and ensures compliance with customs regulations. We streamline the paperwork and procedures, allowing for seamless and efficient import/export functions.

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