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How to Apply for a Business Visa in Dubai

Looking after the tremendous economic growth of Dubai, people are more likely to start their business in the city to gain higher revenues. With its worldwide attraction and set digital configuration, the UAE organically becomes one of the most suitable locations for entrepreneurs and businesses to commence their trade. Another appealing factor of this city is its convenient government policies allowing enterpreneurs to reside in the country by easily getting business visas. 

Business visa in Dubai offers various advantages to expats looking to establish their business in the UAE premises. By the end of this blog, you will have enough knowledge about Dubai business visas, how to apply for them, and what the requirements are for the same. So let’s dive straight into it. 

Understanding the Dubai Business Visa

The UAE business visa Dubai allows entrepreneurs to reside in the premises of Dubai and obtain a long-term visa for themselves and their families. It is the part of Golden Visa program. The Golden Visa system allows users to start their business in Dubai by getting 100 percent ownership of their business.  For this, the entrepreneurs should have previous entrepreneurial experiences. 

A person can apply for 6-month business visa which is temporary and allows entrepreneurs to enter Dubai multiple times. In this time period, one can apply for a long-term visa after which the temporary one will be converted to a permanent residency visa. 

Advantages of Business Visa in Dubai 

There are various key benefits of a UAE Business visa that attract the individuals across globe to commence their business in Dubai. 

  • Ease of tax policies: The Dubai government offers convenient tax policies that allow entrepreneurs to gain higher revenues without taking the stress of tax. 
  • Thriving economy: The UAE economy has been witnessing new heights and continues to do so which makes it preferable for individuals to have a stable income in the country. 
  • Global connectivity: Starting a business in Dubai allows one to connect with various countries and enhance the network and connectivity through trade supplies or other networking strategies. 
  • Long-term residency: A sense of security and stability is offered to individuals through programs like Golden Visa which allows residents to live in the city for 10 years. 

Requirements for Obtaining a Business Visa in Dubai, UAE

The Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship (ICA) has led down some requirements for entrepreneurs who wish to establish their business in UAE. 

  • A passport with a minimum of 6 months validity 
  • The age of the entrepreneurs must be 18 or above. 
  • Proof of sufficient funds in the bank account 
  • Booked return ticket, within 30 days of visa expiration 
  • Proof of accommodation or residence 
  • Photocopy of qualification certificates 
  • Copy of business registration certificate and trade license of company
  • Offer letter stating the purpose of the visit such as conferences, projects, and more. 

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Obtain a Business Visa for Dubai

Getting a business visa for Dubai is a simple process. All you need to do is follow the steps precisely and provide the authorities with all the required documents. You can also take the guidance of professionals who can guide you through visa processing at all stages. 

  1. Determine your visa type

If you are travelling to Dubai for a shorter period then you can get the visa for a short time whereas you can get the permit for longer stays also. Identify your needs and then apply for a suitable visa. 

2. Prepare the documents

Gather all the essential documents demanded by the  Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship (ICA). Based on your valid documents, the Dubai authorities will analyze your eligibility and grant you a business visa in  Dubai.

3. Register your business

Choose a business structure whether you want an LLC, branch office, or free zone company. Acquire the Ejari after registering the business with authorities, and then get the trade license for your business activities.

4. Apply for the Visa

Fill out the application form for your visa, you can do it on the website online or through the UAE embassy. Provide all your details, the itinerary of the trip, and why are you visiting Dubai, and make sure that all required documents are attached along with the application.

5. Pay the visa fees

Depending on the type of your visa, you have to pay the initial visa fees to the authorities. It needs to be paid at the time of online application submission through the visa sponsor.

6. Medical test

To obtain your residency visa, it is mandatory to undergo a medical examination at the UAE-approved clinic. Once the examination is done, you can wait for the final visa approval. 

7. Collect your visa

The period for obtaining a business visa in Dubai is generally around 30 to 60 days. Once the final approval is done by ICA, the individual will get the visa either electronically or through a visa sponsor. 


One can get plenty of benefits by obtaining a Dubai business visa. With the ease of government tax policies and the booming economy of  Dubai, entrepreneurs can look forward to stable incomes and more growth in their businesses. Let Future Dream help you achieve your dreams by providing you with a smooth visa generation process. Make the most of the opportunity as Future Dream guides you at every step of your success. 

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