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Starting A Business in a Free Zone – Getting A Dubai Free Zone License.

Dubai is home to many successful job sector facilities, and each job sector is known for its superior and suitable post facilities. Wherever you want to join a company or start your own business, many people in Dubai are fully aware of your needs and problems because Dubai is not only popular for its high and luxury lifestyle but also It is known for its great jobs. Dubai Free Zone is the most suitable and highly recommended zone to start any business as it consists of 28 free zones covering different job sectors. 

But to start any business in the Dubai Free Zone you need to know some important steps and processes and get the license to run the business legally. Are you also one of those people who want to start a business in the fast-growing city of Dubai? Dreaming of running a business and interested in knowing the process, documents, and free License So stay tuned to this page where you can get informative information So let’s get started:

Let us First Know About the Process of Doing Business in the Dubai Free Zone :

Are you ready to fulfill your dreams before starting a business in Dubai Free Zone investors pay attention to the Freezone company setup process, especially for new entrepreneurs which is given below:

Step 1: Select a suitable zone for starting a business:

Before running any business in the Dubai Free Zone, choose a suitable zone where your business can easily grow. Your selective area has different rules and regulations according to your needs so start any activity in Dubai, check the terms and conditions first then take any step.

The second and most important step of Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai requires you to choose the legal entity for the company. Keep in mind that free zones include Free Zone Companies (FZC), Free Zone Establishments (FZE), branches of foreign companies, etc which depend on you as per your business needs.

Step 3: Choose a suitable name for your business:

This is the most important step of all the steps. In this, you have to select a name for your company that is different from others. The name should not be similar to that of any company. If your name is similar or similar, then Could cause trouble for your business in the future.

Step 4: Get initial approval to work in the free zone:

After choosing a name, move on to the next stage of  Freezone company formation in which you will have to get approval from the Government of Dubai for doing business in Freezone for which you will have to get some important documents properly prepared and submitted like passport copies, business plan, and proof of address. This step is important to run a Business in Freezone.

Step 5: Submit applications in the free zone

This is the last and necessary step of this process in which you have to submit your important and compulsory Documents like a Memorandum of Association (MOA), Articles of Association (AOA), and other necessary papers. Once the process is completed smoothly, the free zone authorities After reviewing your Document and business activity, will issue you a license according to the type of business after some time.

Procedure For Dubai Free Zone License:

Procedure For Dubai Free  Zone  License
  • First, choose the structure of your business which you need to show the type of your business before applying for the license.
  • After this, finalize the name for your business and register it in the local legal office, but make sure that your selective name is different from other businesses.
  • Then submit all the documents properly to apply for the license as per your business type.
  • One of the most important is to register your business name which shows that you run the business legally in Dubai Free Zone
  • If you have a bank account then it is fine but if not then open a bank account that is linked to this process
  • After some other legal checks, the Dubai Free Zone government checks your documents and issues your license. This entire process may take some time, so make sure your documents are submitted properly.

Here Are Some Benefits of a Free Zone License in Dubai :

  • With the help of a Freezone license, you can get 100 % ownership of the business if you are foreign.
  • Provides you with full repatriation of capital and profit in Business.
  • You can easily transfer your funds without any charges.
  • A free zone license provides you with the help of flexi-office options.
  • Provides you with better and more secure import and export facilities and budget-friendly charges.
  • Helps you to provide a hassle-free sponsorship and visa process.
  • Allow you to reach different industries for built infrastructure.

Dubai Designs Different Types of Licenses For Different Types of Businesses Which Are Given Below:

  • General Trading License: With the help of this license investors can do any type of trading in any product.
  • Trading/Commercial License: A trading license also known as a commercial license in a free zone allows the investor to carry out industrial, commercial, or consulting activities for a limited time.
  • Service License: Law, accounting-related firms, and business consultants are required to have a service license to do business.
  • Manufacturing License: This license allows industries to manufacture products.
  • Warehouse License: With the help of a warehouse license, companies get permission for the distribution of services, storage, and packaging of goods.
  • Industrial License: This Dubai-free zone license will help you if you want to do business related to the import and export of raw materials, manufacturing materials, and finished products across the world.

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