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Setting Up a Business in Dubai Mainland Without Needing a Local Sponsor

The mainland of Dubai is an attractive choice for companies and entrepreneurs, investable business environment, and strong infrastructure. Earlier foreign investors, however, may find it difficult to comply with the need for a local sponsor. Foreign investors can now start a company in Dubai Mainland without a local sponsor and own 100% of the company. Thanks to this rule, Dubai Mainland offers great infrastructure and access to a global workforce, making it an excellent choice for foreign investors looking to start a company.

The Dubai government introduced the Dubai Mainland License to simplify company setup and eliminate the need for local sponsors, aiming to attract foreign investment by reducing the time and effort required for a reliable sponsor and negotiating terms.

Why Choose Dubai Mainland?

Dubai offers tax exemptions in Free Zones, but establishing a business on the Mainland provides more advantages. The Dubai Mainland License allows foreign investors greater flexibility and control, ensuring local regulations. 

  • Full Ownership and Control – You hold 100% ownership and complete control over your company’s operations and decision-making.
  • Direct Access to the Local Market – The Dubai Mainland grants direct access to the Emirati consumer market and the wider regional market.
  • Wider Business Scope – Compared to Free Zones with particular industry restrictions, mainland businesses can conduct a wider variety of commercial operations.
  • Global Impression – Dubai’s development and prosperity can be enhanced by attracting foreign investment, boosting economic growth, and promoting international business and partnerships.

Important Things Need to Be Consider for Securing a Professional License in Dubai

Several important factors, here are the points you need to know before obtaining a license

  1. Eligibility and Qualifications

A professional license is not for everyone. You’ll need a relevant professional degree and demonstrable experience in your field. The particular demands will differ depending on your chosen profession. Research the licensing authority’s regulations to ensure you meet the academic and experience benchmarks.

  1. Choosing the Right License

This means you’ll need to identify the exact kind of skilled service you plan to deliver. The DED (Department of Economic Development) maintains a detailed list of professions and their corresponding license types. Selecting the most appropriate license ensures you operate within legal boundaries.

  1. The Paperwork Trail

The application process for a professional license in Dubai involves submitting various documents such as passport copies, educational certificates, proof of experience, a detailed business plan, and a lease agreement. To avoid delays or rejections, ensure all documents are exact and complete, including financial statements and company strategies, and be prepared for the complexities of the process.

  1. Necessary Approvals and Permits

In addition to their professional license, several jobs could require additional approvals or licenses from Dubai’s relevant authorities. This might include permission from regulatory bodies specific to a particular firm, health and safety licenses, and environmental licenses. Ensuring the necessary permits are obtained is crucial to conducting business legally and avoiding difficulties.

  1. Engaging Legal and Business Advisors

Getting advice from legal and business advisers may be quite beneficial, considering the complexity of the licensing procedure and the significance of adhering to local rules and regulations. Skilled experts are available to help with the licensing procedure, make sure all conditions are satisfied, and offer guidance on how to run a profitable business in Dubai.

  1. Fees and Costs

Obtaining a professional license in Dubai involves license fees, application fees, security deposits, and additional services like local service agents or professional advice. License renewal is cost-effective and hassle-free, allowing businesses to focus on core operations without significant expenses. These should be included in the firm’s budget.

  1. No corporate or income tax

Dubai’s tax-friendly environment attracts businesses and entrepreneurs due to its ability to retain earnings and reinvest in expansion. This tax-free environment boosts cash flow and profitability, enhancing Dubai’s global competitiveness. The city’s professional license-free tax regime, offering 0% corporation and income tax, further enhances its business-friendly status.

Wrapping Up

To secure a professional license in Dubai, individuals and companies must consider key factors and follow local regulations to grow a company. The Future Dream team offers expert guidance throughout the business setup, from practical studies to licenses and visas. They guide individuals and companies via the procedure, securing adherence to local regulations and legal conditions. Contact Future Dream today to turn your dream of owning a successful business in Dubai into a thriving reality.

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