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How to Start Cleaning Company in Dubai

In the UAE, cleaning services are one of the vast businesses. Ranked as a large business hub, the UAE is also home to millions of businessmen and professionals who spend all day out of the home, so they don’t have time to do home cleaning. So, they depend on cleaning service companies to maintain their homes.

So starting a cleaning service in Dubai is a profitable business. So before establishing a company you need to understand the cleaning market or steps to how to start a cleaning company in Dubai. Because cleaning services is a vast sector that has many categories like commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, and industrial cleaning. Every category has subcategories that specialize in one activity like carpet cleaning, air conditioner, kitchen duct, etc.

What does a Cleaning Company do in Dubai?

In Dubai, a cleaning company confronts the residential spaces including villas and apartments in which the company delivers bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other cleaning services. At its essence, service providers are responsible for bringing the equipment and supplements. We say that a cleaning company furnishes commercial spaces, too in Dubai. Commercial areas include retail stores, hospitals, offices, and other buildings but are not limited to these areas. In this context, heavy-duty equipment and specialized supplements are the authority of cleaning providers.

Along with this, open a cleaning company in Dubai is specializes in sanitizing, maintaining commercial and industrial areas, and purifying. This may add factories, manufacturing buildings, commercial warehouses, and others. The responsibility of a service provider includes the thorough cleanup of industrial waste, hazardous materials, and harmful chemicals.

Different Types of Cleaning Services in Dubai

In Dubai, cleaning services include residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning, yet are separated into particular unique activities. You can obtain your cleaning company license in Dubai based on the specific type of cleaning services you opt for in your company.

Residential Cleaning Services

If your enterprise delivers cleaning services to homes and residential sites like flats, mansions, and bungalows then you should obtain a residential license. This cleaning procedure includes specific cleaning activities like cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, storerooms, and other home areas. The prime point is that residential cleaning services need very basic cleaning creations and tools.

Commercial Cleaning Services

If your firm will deliver cleaning services to commercial places like headquarters, hospitals, retail shops, etc, then you should easily acquire a commercial license. However, these areas needed large tools and special cleaning supplies because they are more vast than residential areas.

Industrial Cleaning Services

You can get an industrial cleaning license if your cleaning company in Dubai will deliver sanitization and supervision of industrial structures, plants, and storehouses. These areas may have special necessities like retail and unstable waste cleanup. They also need impressive cleaning machinery, chemicals, special cleaning supplies, and other industrial firms.

How to Register a Cleaning Company in Dubai Municipality?

In Dubai, the registration process for a cleaning company is streamlined and does not consume a significant amount of time. Simply follow the steps outlined below:

  • On Dubai municipality’s official website, register yourself as a customer and once the account is open successfully then log in with the same accreditation.
  • When you log in to the website, enter the ‘Company Registration’ tab and you will be shifted to an unexplored page automatically.
  • Fulfill all the required details in the paper related to your individual data, industry details, and more. Keep in mind to select the security checkbox at the end of the screen.
  • Proofread all the provided information and click “Register” once you are satisfied.
  • Once your registration is complete successfully, you get an email verification from Dubai Municipality. You are required to have soft copies of the company logo, trading license, etc, that you are required to upload on the registration outlet.

Requirements to Apply for a Cleaning Services License

  • Completed application form
  • At least three trade name options
  • Passport copies of shareholders
  • Entry stamp or visa page of foreign shareholders
  • NOC from the current sponsor, if the shareholder has a residence visa
  • Additional approvals, if any, listed by the DED

Steps to Start a Cleaning Company in Dubai

Conduct a Market Research

To start a cleaning business in Dubai, the foremost step is accomplishing market analysis. You will be required to obtain your mark market, your challenger, and the location of your enterprise. Research about the current market situation will assist you in creating the finest decision for your firm. You also hire an experienced professional company setup consultant who helps you to research the market.

Select Company Structure

It’s essential to establish the legal framework for your company. Explore the following company structures available for your selection:

  • Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Free Zone Company
  • Holding Company
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Choose a Name for your Company

The next step is this, you are required to select a company name and register with the Dubai Department of Economic Development. Remember that you need to be careful when you choose a company name that represents your company to your potential clients. When you select a company name, you need to obey all the rules and regulations of the local authority and confirm that it does not contain any type of obscenity.

Choose a Business Location

When you understand how to start a cleaning company in Dubai and establish it step-by-step, then you have the option to select between establishing your enterprise in Freezone or Mainland. A free zone permits you to keep 100% ownership of the company, delivering flexibility and many advantages. The rules and needs are also diverse depending on the business location. To start a cleaning firm in Dubai, Free Zones is the best location for you.

Rent an Office Space

You will be required to lease an office area for your enterprise as your base of processes. In Dubai, when you choose an office space, you need to obtain the size of the company, your business plans, and the cost. Selecting a location in the commercial area is quite good for you because it will boost your company’s brand image.

Apply for a Cleaning Services License

You will be required to obtain a cleaning services license to deliver cleaning services in Dubai. To obtain a cleaning services license, you must apply to the Dubai Department of Economic Development, specifying the desired category for the cleaning services license.
You simply visit the local office to make an application on the DED online website.

Submit Relevant Documents and Pay the Fees

The next step is this, you will be required to deliver the necessary papers needed by the authority. However, the requirements may diverse depending on the type of services that you want to deliver. The regulatory body will require some time to examine and authenticate the documents you have submitted. To complete the procedure fast, you need to deliver all the documents accurately. Pay the fees of the license, when your application is confirmed.

Sign the LSA Agreement

Upon receiving approval from the government to initiate your enterprise services, you are required to engage with a regional service agent and formalize the Local Service Agent (LSA) agreement. Subsequently, you may proceed to sign the Memorandum of Association (MOA).

Acquire the License

You get your license from the Dubai Department of Economics Development, when all the steps are done, and begin your cleaning company in Dubai.

Open a Corporate Bank Account

After completing your cleaning company startup, and delivering services to the costumes, you are required to open a corporate bank account to manage all the business transactions.

After reading all these points and procedures you know how to start a cleaning company in Dubai. Opening a cleaning business in Dubai is quite profitable, and opens in low investment. In this field, it is vital to factor in other crucial aspects like competition, workforce, equipment, and supplies, your enterprise will deliver to.

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