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Company Name Registration In Dubai: Procedure, Steps, Key Points

The economic growth of the UAE is reaching heights and is creating a bundle of employment opportunities. The place has become a hub for many new startups and ventures. Entrepreneurs are engaging in all kinds of marketing strategies to make their place among various competitors. Creating your brand value has become a crucial task to set up a successful business in Dubai. Therefore, registering a company name resister is an important aspect. It is the official name of a business. 

In this article, you will get to learn about company name registration, the guidelines to be followed while registering a company, and more. 

What is a Company Name?

The company name is the name of your business that the public, customers, investors, or partners use to call your business. It is important to do a company name registration in Dubai so that no other company in the same industry uses it for their business operations. A company name is the first thing that builds the impression in the mind of the customer. It is the identification point of the business of any field. 

It is very much mandatory to register your company name with the approval of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. 

Step-by-Step Guide for Company Name Registration in Dubai 

During a business setup in Dubai, registering a company name or trade name can be a good practice. There are very few simple steps that need to be followed in accordance with DED in Dubai. Let’s have a look at the steps: 

Step 1: Use Acronym for your Business

Always go for an acronym that matches your business structure. Various types of acronyms are used in company registration in Dubai such as : 

  • LLC
  • PrJSC
  • PJSC 
  • EST 

Step 2: Check for company name availability 

Check the availability of the company name whether it is available or not. The name you are going for may not be available or already registered by some other business. Therefore, choose an appropriate name that does not violate any law and describes your business the best. One can check the availability with the Local Ministry of Economy and make the payment to them online on the website of DED. 

Step 3: Select a Business Activity 

Now, you are done checking the availability with the Local Ministry of Economy. The next step involves choosing an appropriate business activity. Before entering the next step, choose the type of business activity and finalize it. 

Step 4: Submission of Documents

Once you are done with the finalization of business activity, it is time to submit your necessary business documents to DED. Keep in mind that all the documents should comply with the rules prescribed by the Dubai authoritative bodies. 

The list of documents involves 

  • Passport copies of all the partners
  • Proposed company name 
  • A copy of the Emirates ID 

These are the documents that need to be submitted for trade name registration in Dubai.

Step 5: Make the Payment 

Once everything is done, make all the necessary payments. It will take some time to get the final approval from the authorities. Once the name gets assigned, you can proceed with the further formalities. 

Strict Rules and Regulations While Selecting a Company Name in Dubai

Dubai, UAE has very strict rules in terms of granting trade names. It is the identity of the business and some terms cannot be used while proposing a company name. The following is the set of guidelines that must be kept in mind before trade name registration in Dubai. 

  • The name should not cater to any religion or God 
  • No involvement of any political names. 
  • You cannot use surnames without the first name 
  • Do not go for abbreviations or initials. 
  • Names that begin with the words Middle East, International, or global in any language. 
  • Make sure the words do not oppose the operations of the business.
  • Punctuation marks or symbols are a big no
  • Names that are the same as popular and famous international brands. 
  • Restriction of words such as Royal, Banking, Finance, Government, Insurance, etc. 

How Long Does it Take to Register a Trade Name in Dubai? 

The process of registering a company name in UAE does not involve weeks or months. It can be completed within the time span of 24 hours easily. If you have a valid name and the appropriate required documents, you can easily get your company name registered by the authorities in a single day. 

Important Key Points to be Kept in Mind

Some vital instructions must be kept in mind to avoid any complications in the future. 

  • Always have 3 names with yourself. The other names should be better than the first option in case it gets rejected. 
  • You can hold your company name two to eight weeks before it comes to the public domain. Reserve your company name at its earliest. 
  • The reservation fee for a trade name is not more than approximately AED 100 to AED 1000. Some authorities reserve it for free also. 


Building your brand starts with a good company name. As earlier said, it is the first impression of the business. Thus, the name of the company should be catchy and attractive. Registering a trade name is not a long process if done in accordance with all the rules and regulations given by Dubai authorities. 

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