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Steps to Start a Business on the Mainland 

In a few years, the UAE has become one of the best and largest centers of business. Entrepreneurs worldwide flock to the UAE to establish their businesses. The country’s economy has experienced a rapid surge propelled by the recent expansion of both domestic and international businesses. Dubai stands out as one of the premier Emirates in the UAE, renowned for its business-friendly environment and unparalleled development.

Entrepreneurs are drawn to its vast potential and abundant opportunities for growth and success. Many independent entrepreneurs and Commercial financiers have the potential to achieve highly profitable investment outcomes by establishing a company within Dubai’s mainland. In Dubai, establishing a business on Mainland needs a few. Straightforward process. Mainland firms are entities that enable you to conduct business within the jurisdiction of the UAE, as they are situated in commercially developed areas.

Most crucial, getting a license for a business established in Dubai permits you maximum autonomy while you grow and manage your business. The Mainland business rules and regulations were changed by the judiciary officials. So there are many benefits to setting up a business in the Mainland. Allow us to provide you with the essential details on starting a UAE mainland business seamlessly, free from any legal complications.

What is a Mainland Company? 


When you get registered as a company by the Department of Economic Development (DED) to do business, the business organization is known as a Mainland Company. The firm will be permitted to run business internationally without any boundaries, after completing the Mainland company setup In the UAE, Dubai Mainland is the most preferred choice to set up a business. Company setup in the Mainland, gain all the benefits that are delivered by the country. 

Types of Licenses That You Can Get in Dubai Mainland


If you want to establish an enterprise in Mainland Dubai, you must require to obtain a trade license from the relevant authority. There are a total of six types of licenses that you can get to open a Business in Dubai. 

Documents Needed for Setting Up the Business 

You must be required to deliver a set of documents to the officials of DED to get the LLC in Dubai. 

If you intend to establish a personal LLC, you are required to provide the following documents.

  • A photocopy of your passport, your Emirate’s ID, family book, and work ID of the Emirati
  • The name of the company. You need to present DED with at least five suggestions. 
  • If your business partner is not a UAE citizen, you must provide their tourist visa along with a copy of their passport.

If you want to secure an LLC for corporate ownership, you are required to have the following documents with you. 

  • You are required to present the parent company for which you are acquiring the trade license.
  • A valid copy of a business organization’s article of associations. 
  • Board of Directors resolution as they will be a part of a new organization. 
  • Original power of attorney in the business representative’s name. 
  • Copy of passport, Emirates ID, Work ID, and family book of the company representative

Steps of Setting Up a Business on the Dubai Mainland 


A sequence of steps must be followed to initiate a business in Dubai Mainland.

1. Identifying the Business Opportunity and Activity- 

Before starting a business in Mainland Dubai, you are required to look at the enterprise trends and opportunities. Then establish a Mainland business in the UAE, you are required to select the legal form and the license. 

2. Choose the Legal Form- 

You are required to select the legal form, for establishing a company. The legal form will assist you in understanding the laws and regulations that will make an application, depending on the nature of your enterprise. 

3. Trade Name Registration- 

To register a trade name, you need to go to the Emirate Economic Department. Your chosen trade name will distinguish your firm from others in the market. You can easily complete the registration process by website or mobile application. 

4. Getting Initial Approval- 

After obtaining the initial green approval from the government, you can take specific business-related steps. An initial approval indicates the government’s endorsement of establishing your business in the UAE. If you are an international investor, you are required to obtain approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

5. MOA and LSA- 

You are required to get a Memorandum of Association (MOA) and a Local Service Agent Agreement (LSA), based on legal form. You can get your MOA and LSA from any UAE-based law firm. 

6. Choose the Ideal Location for Business Establishment- 

To obtain the area from where you can run your enterprise, you are required to comply with all the sets needed by the Emirates Department of Economic Development. 

7. Get Additional Approval from the Government- 

An enterprise requires permissions and approvals from the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Executive Council, Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), Local Municipal department, and the Local Health Departments. 

8. Collect the License- 

After completing all the steps, you collect your enterprise license from any of the service centers of the economic department. 

Running a business venture in the UAE mainland presents myriad opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs alike. Established a business in the UAE Mainland to deliver possibilities of growth. To get started or complete these steps fast, connect with a trusted business setup company like Future Dream that helps to choose a location, and complete paperwork quickly. UAE Mainland has delivered numerous benefits and exclusive advantages of business setup in UAE. 

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