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A Guide to Securing Your Event Management License in Dubai

Dubai is the fastest-growing city, quite popular for its luxury living, top-notch infrastructure, and stunning skyline. Dubai’s government has made vast investments in its entertainment and events sector, propelling it to the forefront as one of the most coveted destinations for international conventions, shows, festivals, and concerts. If you want to start a new business in Dubai then the event management business is also the best for you.

To handle any event, obtaining an event management license has become important. But if you are unaware of local laws and regulations, then getting an event management license is tricky for you. But, with the right guidance and preparation, achieving this goal can indeed become a straightforward and uncomplicated process. So to assist you, we deliver a comprehensive explanation of the process and benefits of getting an event management license in Dubai in this blog.

What is Event Management? 

Event Management covers a vast range of tasks vital to planning such associations, such as Conventions, conferences, concerts, trade shows, festivals, and ceremonies. Their work is handling the general logistics of the event and managing the event itself can be efficiently executed with careful planning, coordination, and effective communication among all stakeholders involved. Along with this, an event manager may also examine the budget and the teams of people in charge of every task. All contractors, experts, and event planners work under the event management. 

How to Get an Events Management License in Dubai 

With expert guidance, establishing your events management business in the UAE can be accomplished in just five simple steps.

1. Outlining your Business Activity- 


The first step to making an application for an event management license is to outline your business activities. The vent license permits you to hold a vast range of activities like hospitality management, event promotion, etc. If you carry out an activity that is not mentioned in your license can result in fines. So you should work with company formation experts who can confirm that you are covered. 

2. Choosing your Company Name- 

Company Name

After outlining your enterprise activities, another step is to select a company name. This is a crucial step to do in the UAE compared to other countries. Choose a name that presents your offering, and attracts your costumes. You must be required to follow UAE’s company name regulations. There is another vital step to follow while selecting a name, your company name should add any objectionable language to create a reference to known firms and corporations. Along with this, you are required to check that your enterprise name is available to be registered. A company formation expert like Future Dream can do this for you as part of the license application procedure. 

3. Choosing the Right Setup- 

Right Setup

Before making your formal license application confirm the right company setup for your enterprise. There are two prime areas for setting up a business in the UAE, the Free Zone and the Mainland. There are many advantages of both. Free zones deliver a simple and cost-effective method to begin an events company and deliver many amazing benefits. On the Other side, UAE Mainland enterprises are capable of trading directly with the local marketplace. So select a company setup according to the needs of your enterprise.

4. Applying for Your License- 

Applying for Your License

When you choose activities, that you want to add to your license, the next step is to deliver your application. You can make an application directly to the Department of Economic Development of the emirate, depending on your choice of setup. Yet making your application yourself or by a company formation agent, you need a few details and some basic documentation, including: 

  • Completed application form
  • Passport copy of the proposed owner or owners
  • Two color passport-size photos

You can also make an application for a license package that includes a flexi-desk package, which provides entrepreneurs access to business amenities including desk space, mail handling, as well as internet and phone services.

5. Applying for Visas and Bank Accounts- 

Bank Accounts

You are also required to make an application for any visas and open your corporate bank account. With the help of your visa, it is possible to make an application for visas for your employees too. The total number you can apply for will be relying on your license category and the size of your enterprise. It is useful to work with a company formation expert when opening a corporate bank account, who can assist you through what can be a complex procedure. A company formation expert like Future Dream can help you select the best bank to fulfill your requirements. 

Event Management License Cost in Dubai 

 In Dubai, there are many charges included with getting an event management license, such as application fees, processing fees, and other outlay connected to meeting the conditions set up by the Dubai government. These additional fees might change according to the type of event you organize. 

While the procedure of making an application for a UAE event license is not overly complicated, it does need a vast knowledge of the procedure. To complete the application procedure quickly and correctly, it is useful for you to work with a company formation specialist when setting up a new enterprise in the UAE. When you require a company formation to set up your company then connect with Future Dream, assist you with the opening of corporate bank accounts, and also deliver visa and immigration service. Also handle government formalities, permissions, work permits, and visa applications that are needed to trade in the UAE.

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